$25.00/hour for the 1st & 2nd hour, $35.00/hour after. 


(these are the commonly purchased options)
4 x 6
Standard Print $5.00
5 x 7
Standard Print $7.00
8 x 10
Standard Print $13.00
11 x 14
Standard Print $21.00
16 x 20
Standard Print $39.00
20 x 30
Standard Print $65.00

NOTE:  I do offer both unedited & edited services.   


30sec - 1min multimedia    $50.00

3min commercial                 $75.00

All other promo video          *based consultation.

 Unedited Commercials - $150.00

(Price includes: videotaping & delivery) 

Edited Commercials - $300.00
 (Price includes: videotaping, editing & delivery)


(Unedited/Raw Footage):              

2 hours                                  $125.00

4 hours                                  $240.00

6 hours                                  $370.00

(Edited Footage):

2 hours                                   $130.00

4 hours                                   $250.00

6 hours                                   $385.00



Thanks for visiting Beansproutz M&P ! Packages featuring one photgrapher/videographer are documentary based.  We recommmend that you retain two videographers if you want a more artistic feel. ​Additional hours of coverage are available for $25/hr. We now offer photo printing through MPIX, in which you are able to either purchase individual sizes or a complete package.


*Also, you can customize any package! Let me know how I can make your film fit your needs and budget. You, the customer, also have the option of choosing the type of printing that you prefer, from standard, matte, glossy, or metal depending upon your desired package.

Standard Package Rates: 


The Online Download Option allows you to download your videos in High Definitions through One Drive.  Choose this option so you do not have to wait a few days for shipping.


The Flash Drive Option includes all the finished videos in High Definition on a flash drive.  You can easily burn your own DVD's if desired.   This is a great option if you own a newer tv/dvd player with compatable usb port.  Simply plug it in and enjoy watching your special day in HD.


The DVD Option includes a custom designed DVD cover, Disc (Standard Definition) and Menu. Two copies are included for free. Each additional copy is $15.

*Prices are subject to change through management. 

Prices may cover the development, supplies, or time/and or travel expenses (depending on service). 

Estimates are determined by the complexity of the project,
as well as the time frame to complete the project.

Please discuss any questions at the time of consultation.

Fill and sign the contract when you are ready to schedule. Download here. 


See Additional Terms & Conditions.

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